Since 1984 we have learnt that our most profitable business comes from long term relationships with satisfied clients – we are open about our remuneration, and provide detailed cost breakdowns. 

Which means you can trust TANDEM to ‘square the cost circle’.

You tell us the budget you have for an item/project/campaign – we tell you what can be achieved with the money.

Managing Your Budget

Every project, campaign, brochure has its price – the value you put on it, or more likely the money you can afford to put to it. 

We know this. 

One of our key skills is to find the ‘right horse for your course’.

We have relationships with a wide range of suppliers from value economy to luxury de luxe.

We will help you understand what you will get from each and whether they will do the job you want.

Since 1984, we have been doing business with one of the largest media buying agencies in LONDON for national media, dealing with GOOGLE, and buying advertisements in local magazines and newspapers. We have buying skills and experience which have taken decades to learn.

We can save you a lot of time and hassle!

We can normally buy way below rate card, and if we do, we share the saving 50:50 with you. This ensures we are motivated to save you as much as possible and saves you some of our fee which would otherwise have to come out of your pocket. 

We work with a whole gamut of printers across the range, from Print Shops to the printers of Rolls Royce brochures, and employ a ‘print farmer’ a specialist who knows which printer is busy and which needs a job to fill a night shift (with corresponding cost savings).

When to print litho, when digital?

We can tell you. 

…Engineering Budgets