Corporate Identities: The Process

The Corp I/D procedure is easy, look what it includes:

  • Taking instructions, understanding the client’s image, business approach and ‘tone-of-voice’ required. E.g. dynamic, corporate, in-your-face etc
  • Design and production of visuals showing a number of different approaches for new identity in outline
  • From the above drawing and creating more detailed concept boards showing name-style, colour, and suggested uses
  • Facilitating ‘Brain Storm’ session with client’s management establishing what elements they like / don’t like to fine-tune design. Adjudicating and giving considered objective view!
  • Present to staff close customers for comments / observations
  • Making suggestions for tagline or slogan
  • Explore possibility of creating an ‘Icon’ from the logo/trade mark.
    An icon being a small part or element of the overall design that nevertheless
    reminds us of the full Corporate Identity – Churchill’s nodding dog / Yellow Pages walking fingers / IBM’s stripes
  • Ensuring that the company can live up to the identity/ brand created.
    I.e. market place credibility
  • Checking trademark registry for similar or conflicting competitors marks
  • Incorporating past or historical features to promote continuity.
    I.e. updating past logo style and developing it
  • Incorporating the Parent companies logo style into the overall design to identify the client if he is a subsidiary
  • Ensuring the design works in all the ways the client wants to use it.
    Ie a design that works well writ large on a lorry side may not work on a business card
  • Providing a Corporate Identity manual laying down the way Client’s management want the logo is to be used, the colours, do’s and don’ts.

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