• Make selling easier from a solid image 'platform or stage'
  • Cement the relationship with a loyal band of customers giving inbuilt resistance to competition
  • Look many times your real size
  • As a huge company be understood and be approachable
  • Spin off a division as a separate company.
  • Combine a number of disparate companies as part of your corporate 'stable'
  • Merge with a new partnership
  • Change your image
  • Modernise your image
  • Move into a new market
  • Consolidate the goodwill in your name into a quickly identifiable logo
  • Encourage pride in 'belonging from: 
    • employees   
    • affiliates  
    • customers
  • Improve value and 'saleability' to a would be purchaser.

Corporate Identities that Add Value

STEP ONE: tell us…

…about your business, its people and all you hope to achieve from your new identity or image and we will listen and then respond to your requirements to help smoothly guide you through the process, we will take particular care to only submit ideas that are appropriate and sympathetic with your ideas for your business….

STEP TWO: choose…

…from your first set of draft design ideas to ensure that our image philosophy and direction coincides with your thinking…. 

STEP THREE: agree…

…on the final design and sign off, from which you will receive; your identity in various formats, full ownership and copyright access, a comprehensive set of guidelines for usage, and help to get the most out of your newly designed image. Then we will get accountants to value your identity, as it now has an actual value in your accounts.

WARNING: remember

…your customers are both perceptive and cynical.

It is VITAL that you do not claim qualities you can’t in all honesty deliver. You must be able to deliver claimed brand qualities instantly, not in a years time.

This is why an Agency’s objective advice helps you see how you are regarded by those outside the company.

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…Engineering Identities