Avoid the mistakes everyone else makes.

Learn about yourself and what you REALLY want from your idea.

Gain access to the shortcuts to success.

Invention is a lonely process - receive useful, friendly mentoring.

Avoid self-deception with honest objective advice.

Understand the levels of protection available and their costs.

Get a professional approach to bigger corporations.

Understand the cost and earning possibilities.

'Dragon' Inventor Mentoring Service

Service for any would-be inventor – help to protect the idea, find funding, and launch the product either by themselves or with a larger partner. Professional advice from ex Wessex Innovation Service / Business Link Counselor.

Service includes:

  • Originality check
  • Protection of idea
  • Help with Patents
  • Trademarking™
  • Naming and branding
  • Applying for finance
  • Getting publicity
  • Getting prototype made
  • Finding suitable manufacturer
  • Production of professional presentation
  • Going-it-alone/Partnership/Royalty - earnings options.

…Engineering innovation