The Shamrock Methodology

With SHAMROCK your contract is with TANDEM, managed by a TANDEM account director.

We are responsible for selecting a team that meets your need:

  • for experience
  • for competence
  • for cost.

Our Unique Approach

The Tandem way is unique because we give you...

  • A hand picked account team, (using our unique SHAMROCK Methodology) for their experience of your industry, your technologies and your customers
  • Integrated marketing plans tried and tested over 25 years of business
  • Experience of your customer's behaviours gained over 25 years of campaign planning
  • Ideas ‘bank’ gained over the years from hundreds of clients with similar challenges to yours
  • Over 100,000 entries in our expertise database (if we don’t know, we know someone who does)
  • Creative solutions tuned to your style and image from the outset
  • Average savings of between 10-25% on print or media space
  • Campaigns tailored to your available budget – tell us what it is worth to you and we will tell you honestly, what can be achieved
  • Online and Offline Marketing integrated to magnify impact.

…Engineering Experience