• Instant test of text idea

  • Instant test of visuals

  • Discover which features get most interest

  • Obtain prospect list

  • See what competitors are doing in the same area.

Search Marketing the TANDEM Way

Information is power ! - Wellington said that 'an hour spent in reconnaissance is worth a day in the battle', and we say this is true in business too.

Many businessmen rely on ‘gut-feel’, which is often years out of date.

An investment in research can save many times its value in saved cost and/or increased success.

In new markets there is no 'right' or 'wrong' just 'suck it and see'!

Search marketing ONLINE is a brilliant way of doing this. It is both fast and cheap.

Don't know which fork to take in the marketing road ahead? Go down both and see which gives the best results.

The lessons learnt can then be applied to off-line items like literature and press ads, without expensive mistakes!

…Engineering Results