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The TANDEM Red Team

  • Creating lateral solutions
  • Solving intractable problems
  • Exercising dynamic expertise
  • And hence enablling your business win new business.

The ‘Red Team’ means you can have the skills you need, when you need them, without the drag of a continual overhead.

It gives clients easy access to extra expertise as an interim solution when, and as, needed.

The ‘Red Team’ is a concept name for a virtual outsourced marketing - ‘unit’, ‘team’, or ‘department’ – whatever your need for sales success.

…It might be a sales expert to inspire the sales force

…It might be a ‘mystery client’ to check your order reaction performance

…It might be an executive director to advise the Managing Director

…It might be a bid or major contract team, to play the role of the opposition, to ensure the obvious is not overlooked, to highlight weaknesses.

From thousands of contacts we have built up over 20 years and logged in our Relational Database we assemble a ‘Red Team’ with the right technical skills/abilities/industry experience/gravitas to meet your needs.

TANDEM RED TEAM is an ‘out-sourced’ business development and customer consolidation service.

There are many occasions when a management team need to make vital decisions... Sadly, the pressures of the real world mean that they may often get the solution wholly or partly wrong, only to have the correct solution suggested by irate shareholders or others using a 20:20 retrospectoscope – “it was obvious” they say “how come you didn’t see it?”

Everyone has experienced the deeply depressing moment when after a failed bid, the blindingly obvious thing that the successful competitor did becomes obvious, and you all ask yourselves “how did we miss that?”

The answer is that teams close to the problem ‘cannot see the wood for the trees’, that’s why.

The TANDEM RED TEAM has been formed to wield an intellectual axe:

  • to slaughter sacred cows
  • to think outside the box
  • to suggest the un-suggestible
  • to state obvious (but career wrecking) truths
  • to challenge ‘accepted’ industry truths
  • to be executive ‘devils disciples’
  • to be the last resort/straw to be clutched at.

The TANDEM RED TEAM may confirm that the solution proposed IS the correct one, suggest another correct solution, or work within a confidential Chairman / CEO brief.

How can we be so confident?

  • Because we have been doing it for the past 20 years, and we have found there is always a solution
  • Because we only employ mature and experienced businessmen who are creative experts in their field
  • Because we have a patented and well tried ‘Process’ to break-down ‘insoluable’ problems
  • Because we have a vast network of experts to call in if necessary.

In conclusion the TANDEM RED TEAM offers three vital ingredients to success:

  1. We provide creative solutions to intractable problems
  2. We give entrepreneurial ‘due diligence’ insurance to management
  3. We win extra business.

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