TANDEM services that take the complex headaches away…

  • Design look & feel of site (architecture & structure of the site)
  • Content is king! (what must go in, what doesn’t & keeping it updated)
  • Strategic Business Development (new business & new ways of doing business)
  • Marketing Co-ordination (ensuring successful links with all other marketing effort)
  • Hot-Link’ Affiliates & Allies Research (adding value to the site through co-operative effort)
  • Name selection & registration (selecting the right name and protecting it)
  • Server selection & hosting (Choosing the right partner - horses for courses!)
  • User research (research what users need to know)
  • Content Management training (how to change areas which website owners update e.g. prices & product details
  • Can website replace literature /manuals /catalogues?
  • Web updating (keeping your site fresh & up-to-date)
  • ‘Top Dog’ maintenance – SEM/SEO (keeping your site at the top of search engines).

Web Advertising De-Mystified

The essentials of online advertising are the same as conventional advertising. The difference is now we can define exactly who has seen it what they looked at, and what interested them.

For the first time advertising can be honed, fine tuned in weeks not years. Try it, if it doesn’t work change it!

Spend can be exactly targeted geographically, down to one town if necessary.

Creating a web-site that will work profitably, that integrates seamlessly with your promotional programme, works efficiently with your ‘back-office’ and warehousing functions, involves many skills.


…Engineering Online Advertising